-How many followers?

Facebook Blasts

-Ask for hunting photos

-Tag a friend


-Post add asking for photos

-Post ad talking about the website

-Make full page ad for banquet

-Make QR code for web site, Banquet page

- Add instructions for Photo submittal only who, where and how to send.

-Guides in WA to advertise

--Bearpaw Outfitters? - Who knows owner?

--Upfront Outfitters?

Hunting Gear Advertising


-Sportsman's Warehouse?

-Gun Shops? Which ones?

-Bulls-eye (Tacoma)

-Surplus Arms and Ammo

-WSC Guns


-Rugged Expeditions?


Whats included in advertising

-Magazine ad for 1 year

-Side scroll bar on website for one year

Whats included in donation

-Sign next to item stating:

--Company who donated item

--Item Donated

--Web address

--QR code

-Website stating:

--The item donated

--Company who donated item

--their website with link

--Their logo


What you get when you donate.

Printed form to hand out!

How many ads?

-Magazine currently has

--2 business cards

--3 1/2 pages


-5 Full Size






-6 Half Pages


--Recer Creek Publishing





-4 Business Card

--Les Schwab 

--Dave Randal's Rifle page



Banquet Donated Item format (On Table)

-Photo Paper? High gloss?


-Where to print?

Placards will include:

-Logo of company

-Write up of Donation

-Website of donor

-QR code

Random               Inside Covers              Outside Back Cover

$50                               NA                                $75

$75                               NA                                $150

$100                             $150                              $250

$200                             $300                               N/A

Business Card


Double Ad


Half Page


Full Page



Printing and Website

Email Alain to ask (emailed 12/16 waiting on response)

-Can we host a couple of Rugged X videos

-Can we advertise his books?

--Does he have anything already ready?

Ask Tricia

-Who handles the advertising in the magazine now?

-POC for the business advertising now to be put on site


-Register SCINW with BoA

-Apply for $250 and $500 grants

Banquet Banner.png